Ginger Beer and Sorrel are drinks familiar to the Caribbean. These drinks have been known to contain natural ingredients that can provide many health benefits. At Carican Flavors ginger beer and sorrel are available daily.


This is a non-alcoholic drink made from fresh ginger root. Generally served cold, however, many customers have requested it hot, drinking it as a tea. Ginger has many health benefits. It has been known to provide relief to individuals affected by stomach ailments and digestive issues, motion sickness and nausea to mention a few. Come savor our delicious and tasty ginger beer.


Sorrel is a drink made from the petals of the sorrel plant a hibiscus like flower grown in the Caribbean. Traditionally, Sorrel has been a drink made during the Christmas season on many Caribbean islands. At Carican Flavors we specialize in making the virgin blend of Sorrel. In fact, this has become the signature drink of choice for many of our customers.